"Strategic Eye has continually helped provide perfect positioning for the brands we represent by melding their expertise in market research with their vast knowledge of pharmaceutical marketing. Their name sums it up; they are our STRATEGIC partner in effectively positioning brands, they're our EYEs in defining the motions and needs of our target audiences."
Agency Director
Advertising agency

"The positioning process they follow has led us to concepts that delivered meaningful messages, strong test scores and ultimately strong sales results. I have truly enjoyed working with the Strategic Eye team and look forward to working with them in the future.
Vice President of Marketing
Large pharma company

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Strategic Eye consultants are perhaps best known for our proven approaches to positioning development.   We leverage classical strategic principles and critical thinking along with target insights to create strategies that deliver..

  • Our classical marketing backgrounds enable us to uniquely deliver against client goals.
  • Our principles and approaches are proven successful in both classical consumer products as well as healthcare.

Our approach is flexible and works for all types of consumer and healthcare products.  In fact, we have taken our classic model to healthcare to successfully position a wide spectrum of products.   We have had the privilege of positioning some of the world’s largest and most successful pharmaceutical brands.  Our approach to the methodology is built on the principal of building brand positioning strategies from the ground up. The underlying values that our approach follows:

  • Knowledge building (iterative)
  • Comprehensive in nature (due diligence)
  • Informed Decision-Making

We conduct positioning work for early stage product development, introductions, as well as existing brands that require strategy refinement.


Early Stage Development Products
(2 to 5 or more years prior to launch)

To aid team direction for ground breaking products, including PR, stockholder/BOD meetings, and importantly seed clinical trials.

(Beginning 12 -18 months prior to launch)

Preparing products for launch with differentiated positioning strategies that are the cornerstone of all marketing efforts and communication strategies.

Existing Brands

Examine current strategies and create modified directions to combat competitive insurgence (new products or indications) and/or address stagnant or declining sales.

Our years as marketers guide how the process works, and we structure the approach given the unique needs of the client and situation.

We leverage the following areas of expertise to aid the client through what is often a very complex process:

  • We utilize our years of expertise in understanding how the target audience thinks and then use this information to craft concise and thoughtful positioning components for testing (i.e., insights, benefits, reasons-to-believe).
  • We apply both a structured and unstructured approach to the development of materials. As students of creativity, we utilize many of our own ideation techniques to help ensure breadth of development. In fact, we often employ these techniques to run specialized meetings with the client to help understand problems and create answers. We’ll even bring together the client and target audience for solution sessions.
  • We assist the process by integrating useful and proven management and decision-analysis techniques. This allows us to present large amounts of information in an organized fashion to enhance understanding and ensure completeness. These techniques are also helpful tools to help diagnose issues and decision best course solutions.
  • Finally, our clients have expressed that Strategic Eye’s leadership and experience in commercializing products helps avoid costly overruns. This is again driven by our knowledge of what is optimal test stimulus.