Core Competencies

  • Qualitative Research
    Creative avenues to see beyond the curve—the insight you need to make the best decisions now
  • Positioning
    A cornerstone of growth –strategies to build customer loyal brands leading to growth and profits
  • Innovation
    A key competency of success—break-through techniques leading to profitable new ideas

Contact Us


  • 717-520-9013
  • 610-491-9663


20+ Years of Experience

  • Pharma
    Expert with patients, healthcare providers, pharmacists, and payers 
  • Financial
    Breath of experience in credit card services
  • Entertainment
    Skilled in areas built on enjoyment,  including amusement parks to movies to games

What’s New

Ask us about our newest method of conducting qualitative research.   Its guiding premise is to provide an atmosphere that opens the door to unencumbered, unbiased customer dialogue.  Brings the best of ideation and qualitative research together to generate customer conversation that reveals insights spontaneously.



We help clients understand the needs, interests and motivation of kids as consumers, providing a unique advantage for growth in this most powerful of niche markets.




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