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What We Do

Strategic Eye consultants develop innovative approaches to solve business issues with a goal of flawless execution.

  • Qualitative Research
    Creative avenues to see beyond the curve—the insight you need to make the best decisions now
  • Positioning
    A cornerstone of growth –strategies to build customer loyal brands leading to growth and profits
  • Innovation
    A key competency of success—break-through techniques leading to profitable new ideas

Global Capabilities

  • While SEI is US-based, we have relationships in the EU and Americas that permit us to conduct work in these areas as well as other regions of the world.
  • Our approach is somewhat different from other companies that service global needs in that our US managers are "hands on" with the other countries - there is no handing off to other teams or offices.
    • In the case of qualitative research, US managers attend or videostream interviews being conducted in non-English speaking enviornments to guide development
    • We have expert Field Directors for both the US and Global environments
    • In non-English speaking countries we choose bi-lingual moderators that best qualify to meet study needs