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Sampling of studies frequently conducted for pharma clients:

  • Positioning Strategy Development - We have a process for all stages of the product lifecycle including early stage development products (2 to 5 years prior to launch); new product introductions, and existing brands
  • Pre Clinical Trial Research / Profile Optimization - disease state assessment to determine risks, profile essentials and opportunities for optimization
  • Post Clinical Trial Exit Research - Specialized research in which we handle all aspects of Protocol development, IRB review and management, clinical site coordination, and qualitative research of post clinical trial patients.
  • Device & Delivery System Research - expertise in helping clients optimize device and delivery methods
  • Message & Creative Testing - innovative tools to gain perspectives on stickiness, emotional underpinnings, etc.
  • Branding, Logo & Spokesperson Research - tools to look deep into imagery and meaning
  • Dialogue Studies - unmasking the communication between patient and HCP
  • Case-Based Research - techniques to identify the patient path in healthcare
  • Environment Assessment Studies (Competitive Readiness) - Internal strategy development (ideation) meetings as well as testing