“Utilizing the comprehensive marketing research and consulting offerings of Strategic Eye, we are in the midst of enhancing our current product lineup as well as developing ideas for new product offerings that will help us maintain our position as the number one news and information medium in the market.”
Research Coordinator
Regional News Outlet

"They worked as a close partner to me and my team as we brought innovative products into a rapidly changing cards industry. There were several things that I truly admired about the individuals and how they worked. They had a never-ending supply of drive and energy, which they focused on getting to the best possible answer for us. They truly spent time learning our business and our business processes, so when they were conducting ideation sessions or focus groups, they were effective in understanding the implications of the answers they were hearing."
Director of New Product Marketing
Large financial institution

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No matter what the size of your innovation needs, Strategic Eye consultants can customize an approach.  Here is just one example of a “lab” approach we developed and directed to create and market innovative new products in the financial industry.


A sampling of ways our innovation approach has helped our clients.

  • New product process development—creating the “rules for engagement” for the development of new products including a process emphasizing speed and competitive advantage for a Fortune 200 company.
  • Business expansion—creating growth streams from leveragable assets in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Comprehensive new product definitions—creating frameworks for the product development strategy that link to an end-user need and the brand positioning.
  • Early stage positioning—providing development guidance for long lead time products for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Structured solution building—leveraging client team assets, strategic business principals and business management techniques to deliver answers.
  • Extending product lifecycles—rejuvenating brands by retooling existing brand and product assets.