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Working with children requires extensive training and experience.  In order to produce valid and valuable research and ideation results, they must be communicated with and treated much differently than adults.

The professionals at Kids-in-sight have more than 30 years of experience working with children of all ages, giving us the ability to…

  • ‘Speak their language’
  • Develop age/grade and gender appropriate questions and stimuli
  • Recruit representative children who can feel comfortable openly expressing their opinions in a friendly and positive atmosphere
  • Understand and know how to navigate the dynamics that uniquely operate among children
  • Understand the developmental stages of children

At Kids-in-sight, we also leverage a myriad of qualitative techniques that have been developed and proven effective in accomplishing research with children.

  • Ideation sessions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Friendship pairs and triads
  • Mini-groups
  • Focus groups
  • Stacked interviews and groups

Our in-depth view of the issues that influence marketing to children will help to maximize your success with children’s products and services.